Domestic Noise Controls

One of the most common problems of modern day living is the problem of noise.

We encounter noise in every aspect of living but when that noise is unwanted , ie noisy neighbours it becomes a significant problem for thousands of ordinary people who exist in a 'living hell' because of excessive noise levels.

The most common complaint in semi detached houses is that noise from the neighbours can be heard in your living room and bedrooms.

There are different types of unwanted neighbour noise.

  1. Airborne noise. This is typically the noise generated by people talking next door or by excessive volumn from televisions etc.
  2. Structure Borne noise. This is the noise generated by the banging of doors, foot steps on stairs and the plugging and unplugging of electrical sockets.
  3. Flanking noise. This is the noise from next door which comes through the windows or through the ceiling from the attic area.


Can I stop these noises?

The answer is that it is possible to substantially reduce some of these noises.

Airborne noise is the most common and perhaps the most treatable type of noise.

We commonly hear of people who can look at Coronation Street on their own television with their volumn to nil and still hear the sound from their neighbours television coming directly through the party wall.

This may sound funny but if you are the person who has to put up with this type of unwanted noise you will know that it can be the source of great frustration and poor neighbour relations.

The main reasons for the poor performance of party walls are as follows:
* Poor mortar joints between the blocks
* Party walls not rendered both sides
* Broken or part blocks in the attic area between the wall and the roof line
* Poor attention to detail leaving gaps in the construction

How can I stop the noise coming through the party wall?

It is unlikely that you can completely stop the noise coming through the wall. However you can substantially reduce noise by installing the IsoStrip-T acoustic wall system on your side of the party wall.

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